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I am still working on this web page - it's about 75% done. Infinite scroll and a revamped blog functionaliy are in the making. Newest games are currently only on my page.

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Sneak Peek

Here's a Sneak Peek of my current work in progress.

Sneak Peek

VR Hackathon#2 - 2nd Place

Christopher Remde, Tom Pieper, Maximilian Santa, Edgar Schoenknecht and I won the 2nd price on the VR Hackaton#2 in Berlin with Two Player One Capsule - a tiny two-player virtual reality game. Two players guide a manikin through an obstacle course with deadly traps. The manikin-capsule will follow the middle-point of both players focus points, so both players have to time and communicate their inputs well in order to win.

Hackaton-News 2018-08-06

Pirate Splashy: Patch 1.1

Pirate Splashy has received visual and performance improvements. It will be online soon. A more realistic ship behaviour is planned for the near feature.

News 2018-07-22

2D Art: Pixel Art

I tried some pixel art.

Doodle 2018-05-18

Graphic Programming: Astroids OpenGL

Edgar Schoenknecht and I experimented with OpenGL.

Astroids OpenGL

IDE: Visual Studio Language: C, C++ and GLSL
Graphic Programming Assignment 2017-07-10

Graphic Programming: Java JFrame Render Pipeline

Fellow students and I programmed this render pipeline with Dr. Nils Semmelrock in the summer semester 2017.

Java JFrame Render Pipeline

IDE: Eclipse Language: Java
Graphic Programming Task 2016-2017

Game Design Document: Simulation Editor Strife

I worked out this unique game idea and presented it in PechaKucha form to my fellow students. .

Task 2017-10-13

Board Game/Paper Prototype: Solar Tower Defense

Edgar Schoenknecht and I upgraded this paper prototype over a day to become a board game. However, it is not completely finished yet.

Players are challenged to calculate flight paths and plan where they should most ideally build their towers on a rotating disc flying through space.

Task 2016-12-07

Board Game: Conga Line

Tom Pieper, Kevin Rampf and I created this game over a weekend and entered it in the Spring 2016 Family Game Challenge from Hasbro Gaming Lab.

Family-Game-Challange 2016-05-15

Physical Games: Slurp and Dance it off!

The Gamestorm-Berlin> X Body Play Jam was about creating physical games. We split into tiny groups and made various simple games. 'Slurp' and 'Dance it off!' were made by William Zack Wood, Merle Leufgen and me.

Slurp In Game

Gamestorm X Body Play Jam 2016-02-13

Map: Heroes of Might and Magic III: Wake of Gods, Cake Kingdom

I made this colossal and well-balanced map in my spare-time. It includes everything a nostalgic player wouldn’t want to miss.

The elementalists have conjured up the mightiest heroes to fight to death in their arena. They imitated the realms of each hero and shaped them to fit in a deadly, two-layered cake. The winner gets to eat it all! A kingdom for a piece of cake!

Hobby 2015-04-14

Sculpting: Nova Heroes of the Storm

I worked six days on my first high-poly character and explained the process on Artstation. Nova is a character from the Starcraft Universe. This sculpt is based on the Heroes of the Storm in-game-model. Sculpted in Zbrush. Tweaked in 3ds-Max. Baked in Substance-Painter.

Advanced 3D Assignment 2017-03-06

Low Poly Modeling: Woman or Humanoid A.I.

My goal was to have a somewhat decent topology with 1700 polys. I mostly did the unwrapping manually and edited Autodesk CAT-Rig for the walk animation. There are some more details about it on Artstation.

Exercise 2017-03-11

Low Poly Modeling: Frozen-Upside-Down-Lake-Diarama

In this scene an ice-witch is about to pull some clueless ice fisherman beneath the surface.

3D Assignment 2016-12-23

Low Poly Modeling: Urukai Shield and Medieval Short Sword

Two tasks for university. Lightbaking was done within 3ds-Max. There are no textures other than base color.

Tasks 2016-11-28

Sculpting: Monster - WIP

3D-Model inspired by Sam Santala’s Monster: Oryctomus.

Task 2016-11-21

Sculpting: Clay Head

Task 2016-02-15

2D Animated Short Film: BarFuss

“Barfuß” is German for “barefoot”.

I did this short 2D-vector graphic movie for college with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. The short should address robots vs. humans. Humping Robot from Chicken inspired the look of this robot - could be his background story.


Animation Assignment 2016-06-25

Storyboard thumbs: Im Westen nichts Neues, Kapitel XI Auszug

“All Quiet on the Western Front, excerpt from chapter XI".

First storyboard thumbnails I did. "Im Westen nichts Neues" by Erich Maria Remarque is the most frequently translated German novel. I highly recommend it! It's about a German soldier and his struggle to survive in the trenches of the First World War. It paints a very realistic picture of the cruelties and senseless killings at the front, where people are transformed into animals - only looking to find the next meal and shelter from the cold. Bullets are just another cause of death. These boys are lost in the mud and even those who escape the shrapnel are scared for life.

In this scene the last remaining friend of the main character is wounded.

Motion Assignment 2017-01-17

2D Art: Drawings

More drawings on Deviant Art.

Tasks 2016-03-15

Graphics: Logo Design


Custom Hearthstone Cards

I designed these cards for Hearthstone.

Hobby 2016-05-15

Paradroid 2.0 Concept

The task was to conceptualize a sequel for the classic Commodore 64 computer game Paradroid. This was a group assignment. I worked with Franz and Kien on this homework assignment.

Theory of Computer Games Homework 2015-11-18

Map: Lemmings Level 14

A task for college was to make a level for Lemmings. In a fixed order each student made a level with increased difficulty.

Task 2017-04-04

Miniature Game: Wall Crawl

Wall Crawl is a vertical dungeon crawler. Players are challenged to quickly spot and count objects within a certain time limit.

Task 2016-03-14

Alternative Heroes of Might and Magic III Concept

My brother and I conceptualized how Heroes of Might and Magic III might have been. I need to get hold of an old floppy disk drive to be able to read the old data.

Hobby 1999

Let's Play: Dungeon Master

I analyzed Dungeon Master (1987)and made this Lets PLay for college.

Dungeon Master - Let's Play (Longplay) (German)

History of Computer Games Task 2015-12-23

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