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“Käptn Platsch” is the German title.

This game was designed for five-to six-year-old children. A group of six kids can play at once. The goal of the game is to keep the ship from tilting over and reaching the treasure island in time. An XboxOne Kinect will recognize the position of the children in the room since they have to counterbalance the waves, which keep on rocking the boat. Water spills into the ship whenever its tilted too far.

  • Released on: here
  • Genre: Party
  • Player count: 1-6 Local-Multiplayer
  • Age rating: 0
  • Platform: Xbox One, PC
  • Input: Kinect, Webcam, Gamepad, Keyboard
  • Status: Closed Beta
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Team size: 4
  • Position: Product Owner, Game Designer and Developer
  • Date: 2017/07
  • Updated:


Work in Progress

Work in Progress

New Features:

  • Web Cam Input.
  • Localization: German and English.
  • New Game Launcher Menu.
  • Reworked art-style.
    • New materials and textures.
    • Improved 3D-models.
    • Visual-effects added.
  • More performant and cleaner code.



My original mockups to pitch the idea.

My Contribution

► As Game Designer/Product Owner
  • Generated game idea
  • Created mock ups
  • Pitched game idea
  • Defined core and support game mechanics
  • Created user stories
  • Partially planned sprints
  • Playtested
  • Collected feedback

► As Artist/Developer/Sound Designer
  • Created and implemented sail animation
  • Made particle effects
  • Created and recorded sound effects
  • Recorded voice lines
  • Pair programmed kinect functions
  • Coded most scripts
  • Implemented assets
  • Set unity up and the level
  • Various other minor tasks and aids

Cooperation Partner

We test-played with the kids from Pusteblume.


"Game Sculptors"

Spielhauer is a group of game design students from the Media Design Hochschule (Berlin).

  • Product Owner, Game Designer and Programmer: Juri Knauth
  • Scrum Master and Programmer: Maximilian Santa
  • Lead Artist: Tom Pieper
  • Lead Programmer: Clemens Haesler

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