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Pirate Splashy

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“Käptn Platsch” is the German title.

This game was designed for five-to six-year-old children. A group of six kids can play at once. The goal of the game is to keep the ship from tilting over and reaching the treasure island in time. An XboxOne Kinect will recognize the position of the children in the room since they have to counterbalance the waves, which keep on rocking the boat. Water spills into the ship whenever its tilted too far.

Pirate Splashy Gameplay

  • Status: Polishing
  • Platform: Xbox One Kinect
  • Engine: Unity
  • Team size: 4
  • Position: Product Owner, Game Designer and Programmer
  • Period: 2017/07 - 2017/08


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“Endstation” is German for “end of the line”.

An escape-room is a physical adventure game in which players need to solve a series of puzzles using clues and hints. Within a certain time limit they can to ultimately escape from the entrapment.

In this escape-room players witness the murder of a spy, but were seen doing it. The murderer and his accomplice catches them and locks them in the spy's car. The car is put on a train and should arrive at its final destination within an hour, where the witnesses can now be disposed of quietly this time.


  • Status: Dismantled
  • Platform: Escape-room
  • Team size: 10
  • Position: Game Designer and Mechanic
  • Period: 2017/06 - 2017/07

Fluffy Dice

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Cats, turned into cubes by a witch, participate in a board-game. They are thrown like dice, where the outcome of the roll determines how far the cube/cat can move. At each step the cube rolls over, triggering new effects, for example a cat can jump, when turned on its tail. Skillfully rolling the dice and carefully planning moves is essential to winning the race against other felines. A few cats fight with claws over the scarce ingredients, which are needed to lift the spell.

  • Status: Beta
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Team size: 9
  • Position: Game Designer and Programmer
  • Period: 2017/01 - 2017/02

Crashed Captain

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The player will struggle to keep a paralyzed captain alive and bring him safely from a damaged ship. The only means of getting him to the escape pods is by using centrifugal or gravitational force since the player controls the ship and not the captain. A tilt sensor and accelerometer are preferred input devices. A mobile resembles the defective ship, which is tumbling around. This gives the player a realistic feeling for the forces he is subjecting the captain to. The game is a competitive arcade marble game, which has some depth. The players are feeling sorry whenever they shoot the human ball across the map in order to save time.

  • Status: Alpha
  • Platform: Android Smartphone
  • Engine: Unity
  • Team size: 5
  • Position: Product Owner and Game Designer
  • Period: 2016/08 - 2016/08


I wrote a game design document for V.o.A. and it is available upon request. I plan to disclose the paper soon.

  • Status: Undisclosed

Heul Doch!

“Heul Doch!” is a German way of saying “Go ahead and cry/howl already!”.

Each player leads a pack of wolves, which try to secure and enlarge their territory. The animals need to capture enough prey to be able to survive and reproduce. The bigger the territories the better, but these are constantly contested by other rivals. Wolves must be placed skillfully so that they can cut off the escape routes of their prey. Otherwise, the prey escape, giving other wolves a chance to have a turn.

  • Status: 2nd Edition
  • Platform: Board Game
  • Team size: 1
  • Position: Solopreneure
  • Period: 2015/02 - 2015/06

Adam Mania!

Bioshock the Board Game (Self-Made)

Every player controls one splicer who tries to get all the Adam. Adam is obtained by harvesting little sisters. The sisters can reclaim Adam from corpses but are always accompanied by a big daddy, who must be killed first. The players must prepare for this difficult task, by looting the collapsing city. Weapons can be found, and the player can unlock plasmid abilities at the gatherer’s garden once he has collected enough Adam.

  • Status: 80% Done
  • Platform: Board Game
  • Team size: Kevin Rampf, Leo Lüdemann, David Störmer, Juri Knauth
  • Position: Game Designer, Artist
  • Period: 2015/12/17 - 2016/01/07

Shadow of War

A modification of the game Warcraft III. I am still working on it, but very soon there will be an open beta. For now everything is done behind closed doors. It's a hobby and a never-ending fun project!

  • Status: Closed Beta
  • Platform: Windows PC, Warcraft III Modification
  • Team size: 1
  • Position: Solopreneure
  • Period: 2013/01 - Present

America’s Army: Game or recruitment tool?

This research examines, whether the current game of America’s Army: Proving Grounds (United States Army, 2015) can be considered a classical game or whether it serves as a recruitment tool. In this paper, criteria are used that are standart in the analysis of games. "America’s Army" is analyzed regarding these selected criteria and is compared to war games like Call of Duty and ARMA. The development of the game and the goal of its developers are examined.

  • Status: Published
  • Scientific Paper
  • Team size: 1
  • Period: 2015/11 - 2015/12

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