Uvex Safety AR Detailed Page.

Uvex Safety AR

Uvex Safety Group presents the newest Bamboo TwinFlex Cut protection gloves with Cut Level D with two innovative interactive experiences:

  • AR Experience
    • Explore our latest Bamboo TwinFlex Cut protection gloves in a stunning narrated interactive AR animation.
  • Game Experience
    • Challenge yourself by avoiding obstacles and collecting polyamid in a race against the clock to complete 18 levels.

  • Released on: Google Play Store, App Store
  • Genre: Graphic Novel, Educational, Endless Runner
  • Player count: Singleplayer
  • Age rating: 6
  • Platform: Android, IPhone
  • Input: AR, Touch
  • Status: Released Versin 1.0.2
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Team size: 7
  • Position: Unity Developer
  • Date: 2022/02/09
  • Updated:

My Contribution

► Unity Developer

2021/03 - 2023/02

  • Building 3D-Asset import pipleline
  • Modular timelines
  • Endless Runner game mechanics
  • UI-logic
  • Localization

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