Shadow of War Detailed Page.

Shadow of War

A modification of the game Warcraft III. I am still working on it, but very soon there will be an open beta. For now everything is done behind closed doors. It's a hobby and a never-ending fun project!

  • Released on: hiveworkshop
  • Platform: PC
  • Input: Keyboard & Mouse
  • Status: Undisclosed
  • Engine: Warcraft III Mod
  • Team size: 1
  • Position: Solopreneure
  • Date: 2013/03

My Contribution

As a solopreneur, I did all the work.

► As Game Designer
  • Development of modification ideas
  • Level Design
  • Balancing
  • Content creation
  • Game test preparation and execution
  • Feedback collection
  • Creation of game manuals

► As Modder
  • GUI Scripting
  • Jass(Just another Scripting Syntax) and vJass Scripting

Released On

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