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Operation Legendary

New perspectives on German-Jewish history. The students of the Jacobson School in Seesen am Harz concoct a prank that will make the school famous all over the world: Operation Legendary. Their adventure takes them across the school, over the roof of the synagogue, and into the lion's den, the principal's house!

With the help of the XR app Operation Legendary in the style of an interactive graphic novel, an important, little-known aspect of German-Jewish history is rediscovered. In the small town of Seesen on the edge of the Harz Mountains, a place of origin of modern Judaism, the reformer and rabbi Israel Jacobson founded an important Reform school for Jewish and Christian students and the first Reform synagogue in the world. Yet the significance of this "Jewish renaissance of world-historical proportions" (Heinrich Graetz, Jewish historian) has been little known. A project by the Israel Jacobson Network aims to change that. Through the use of extended reality, this history can be experienced in a new form via app on the smartphone or tablet in a playful way - not only for children and young people!

  • Released on: Google Play Store, App Store
  • Genre: Graphic Novel, Educational, Puzzle
  • Player count: Singleplayer
  • Age rating: 6
  • Platform: Android, IPhone
  • Input: AR, Touch
  • Status: Released Versin 1.2
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Team size: 7
  • Position: Unity Developer
  • Date: 2021/04/27
  • Updated:

My Contribution

► Unity Developer

2021/03 - 2023/02

  • Fixing and optimizing legacy code
  • Implemented timelines
  • Build rewind mechanic
  • Added UI-logic
  • Imported new assets

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