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“Endstation” is German for “end of the line”.

An escape-room is a physical adventure game in which players need to solve a series of puzzles using clues and hints. Within a certain time limit they can to ultimately escape from the entrapment.

In this escape-room players witness the murder of a spy, but were seen doing it. The murderer and his accomplice catches them and locks them in the spy's car. The car is put on a train and should arrive at its final destination within an hour, where the witnesses can now be disposed of quietly this time.

  • Genre: Riddles, Puzzle
  • Player Count: 2-4
  • Age rating: 12
  • Platform: Escape Room
  • Status: Dismantled
  • Team size: 10
  • Position: Game Designer, Mechanic
  • Date: 2017/06





The original idea to build an escape room within a car meant that its components should be part of our riddles. We created a setting in which two unfortunate bystanders witnessed the murder of a spy. They are getting locked in his car with a bunch of spy gadgets made it plausible that there were hidden codes and an escape hatch. Unlocking it before the train carrying the arrives its final stop is the only way of getting out of this death trap alive. In order to unlock the door, the players have to close three electric circuits. First, they need to find the ignition key, shift into reverse gear, use the hazard lights and sound the horn. One player needs to hold the horn so that the second one can open the final latch. Other riddles include cleaning the windshield so that the players can read a code behind it and finding a window crank so that they can roll up a clue/number riddle.

Best Times



It was a nice challenge to build an escape room in a very short period and with a tiny budget. Fun Fact: Edgar Schoenknecht coined the “no-budget-production” name, while solving problems the cheapest and quickest way imaginable. Our testers, players and mentors were all very fond of what we produced. In fact, the praises were so high that it was even considered to showcase it at some game conventions. However, our school had no parking space for it nor was it prepared to fund one, so we had to dismantle it heavy-heartedly.

Team " Sind Augenverbinden und Fessel auch okay? "

The title arose because we had no team name and just asked if it was okay to use blindfolds and shackles.

A group of game design-Students from the Media Design Hochschule (Berlin) were assigned to build an escape room for the course level design. Some focused on creating riddles, others installed them in the car, while a third group documented the process and recorded the play-throughs.

  • Game Designer: Kevin Rampf
  • Game Designer: Juri Knauth
  • Game Designer: Armando Gracia
  • Mechanic: Edgar Schoenknecht
  • Mechanic: Maximilian Santa
  • Mechanic: Duc Hieu Le
  • Mechanic: José Antonio Rodriguez Chinchilla
  • Recorder: Tom Pieper
  • Recorder: Alexander Büchler
  • Recorder: Franz Justus Maximilian Lisdat

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