Chloe and Brendan 2018 Detailed Page.

Chloe and Brendan 2018

This game is a personalized wedding gift for Chloe and Brendan.

A journey through the most memorable moments that led up to the special day. Chloe and Brendan both travel to the airport on different ways. They are set to meet at the airport to catch their flight to Sicily, where they will get married. On the journey they will solve tiny puzzles and quizzes, which test their communication skills and prove their knowledge of each other. In one mini game Brendan stops at home, while on the way to the airport, and Chloe describes to him a special blue dress, which he has to pack. In another scene: they are at the baggage carousel and have to find the right baggage and lift it of the conveyor together.

  • Released on: here
  • Genre: Romance, Story, Personalized
  • Player count: 2 Server-based networked multiplayer
  • Age rating: 0
  • Platform: Android
  • Input: Touch
  • Status: Closed Alpha - Paused
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Team size: 2
  • Position: Game Developer, Game Designer
  • Date: 2018/05
  • Updated:



The idea of the game came to be, when I caught a glimpse of Ana's cute artwork. Her style set the mood for a colorful, adorable and heartwarming game, which came in handy as we were already thinking about personalized weeding gifts. We only had a few lengthy Skype calls to plan the game. First, we established the mood and emotions that we wanted to instill in our two special players. Second, we planned out the journey of our two players to the wedding. As this game will be finalized after the wedding, the theme of an album looking back on the last days before the wedding explains the handcraft paper look and the "flipping through the pages" -jumping to the bits that are more memorable. So Ana started drawing and cutting a cute vivid world and I took her scans and animated them and brought them to live in our little game.

  • Game Designer, Game Developer, Digital Art: Juri Knauth
  • Phycisal Art: Ana Carolina Bueno

What the future holds

We planned to make this game available as a gifting option. You fill in a question sheet about the people you want to gift it to and attach pictures so we can create avatars and include personalized mini games. Momentarily the game works best on two phones which are connected with the internet. Other platforms will get more love in the future. Furthermore, I had the idea of a spectator view, so others could watch the progress of both players on one screen.

Behind the Scenes

My Contribution

► As Game Designer
  • Development of game ideas
  • Prototype creation
  • Definition of core and support game mechanics
  • Game test preparation and execution
  • Feedback collection

► As Developer
  • Implemented game-mechanics
  • Implemented character-controller
  • Setup Animation-Controllers
  • Setup network multiplayer
  • Implemented UI-Logic



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