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Bread and Games

Made by 5th semester students from the Mediadesign Hochschule, Berlin, in 2017.

In a dystopian future broken gladiators rebuild their shattered bodies with scrap biomechatronic body parts. A mighty cooperation uses the slum as a playing ground to test their newest drones. Two heroic gladiators will have to fight their way out of a street arena and flee.

  • Released on: itch
  • Genre: Party, Twin-Stick, Top-Down-Shooter
  • Player count: 2 Local-Multiplayer
  • Age rating: 12
  • Platform: PC
  • Input: Gamepad
  • Status: Released Version 1.2
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Team size: 12
  • Position: Lead Game Developer, Game Designer
  • Date: 2018/01
  • Updated:


Concept Art

No Budget Production

No Budget Production is a group of game design students from the Media Design Hochschule (Berlin).

  • Product Owner, Vision Keeper, Lead Game Designer: Edgar Schoenknecht
  • Scrum Master, Producer, Game Designer: Maximilian Santa
  • Lead Programmer, Game Designer: Juri Knauth
  • Programmer: Felix Schmidt
  • Programmer, Sound, SFX: Alexander Büchler
  • Lead Artist, 3D: Kevin Rampf
  • Artist, 2D, Concept, Textures: José Antonio Rodriguez Chinchilla
  • Artist, 3D, Animation, Textures: Duc Hieu Le
  • Artist, 2D, Concept: Kien Le
  • Artist, 3D, Animation: Tom Pieper
  • Artist, 3D: Karim El Fatatry
  • Music: Niklas Decker

Released On

My Contribution

► As Lead Programmer
  • Planned sprints
  • Build foundation and template methods
  • Implemented game-mechanics
  • Setup Animation-Controllers
  • Implemented UI-Logic
  • Build and deployed on itch

► As Game Designer
  • Aided to keep the vision
  • Helped define core and support game mechanics
  • Prototyped
  • Playtested
  • Collected feedback

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