Bachelor thesis: How can a game be adapted to make it more entertaining for the viewers of let’s play videos?

MDAPPRC: A guide to adapt games to the secondary target group.

More and more people are watching video players instead of playing themselves. This work summarizes the viewer's motivations and their values. For this purpose, academic literature was examined, and a survey was conducted.

The survey showed, among other things, that most viewers like to watch the games they play themselves. A goal-oriented game design approach was developed and tested, which takes the viewer and his needs into account and shows how these could be met.

To consider the complex relationships between viewer, public player and game, I divided my game design approach "MDAPPRC" into several steps: Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics, Performance, Production, Reception and Context.

The approach can be used to derive from the viewer's (Reception) point of view how their needs can be met: By giving the public player (Performance) the opportunity to express himself in his own playstyle, the performance becomes more original and individual. This thesis helps game designers in a practical way to create games that should also be attractive to the secondary target group.

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  • Date: 2019/01


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