A Shot In The Dark Detailed Page.

A Shot In The Dark

Submission to Nordic Game Jam 2019. Created within 72 hours.

Chandelier falls. Light fades. Muzzle flashes. Gun blasts. Bullets fly. Outlaws die.

A Mexican standoff escalates when the chandelier falls down. In complete darkness, the outlaws blaze their guns hoping the bullets will find their opponents or at least reveal them, while they expose themselves. Only one man can make it out alive.

  • Released on: itch
  • Genre: Party, Twin-Stick, Top-Down-Shooter
  • Player count: 2-4 Local-Multiplayer
  • Age rating: 12
  • Platform: PC
  • Input: Gamepad
  • Status: Released Versin 0.2
  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Team size: 4
  • Position: Game Developer
  • Date: 2019/04
  • Updated:



Update Version 0.2

The one-month after the Nordic Game Jam 2019 update is here!

New Features:

  • Squeaky Floor
    • Some random floor panels can squeak if stepped on or off
  • Switch Color.
    • Any ready player can press Y to switch their avatar-color.
      • Cycle through all unused colors
      • Color Yellow added (Available colors: red, blue, green, pink and yellow)
  • Lightnings shine through all windows now
  • Light colors optimized
    • Lightnings and oil lamps
  • Level was enhanced
    • Windows added
  • Chandelier added
    • Falling down on level start
    • Reverse fall on level end
  • Wanted Poster Decal added
  • Sound optimized WIP
    • New rain & thunder sound
    • Gun sounds like a 1866 Winchester Levergun
  • Level end rewind Sound (This again!)
  • UI Scaling WIP
    • UI should scale better on Screens which aren't 16:9
  • Cartridges its just an Effect Fix
    • can't be shot
    • don't cause bumped-into-vibration
  • Guesswork Logo optimized
  • Button Mapping Screen optimized
  • Butler Updates should work now

Known issues:

  • The intro is bugged (furniture sinks into the floor) and ends abruptly
  • Game might not run very smooth when first launched/at start of the first round

Update Version 0.1


  • Canvas clickable
  • Players spotlight now attached to the character
  • Bullets should now more securely hit very slim objects
  • Players should more consistently collide with objects
  • Exit button fix
  • Reload time fix
    • from 1.5 to 2 seconds (Reload sound can finish playing now)

New Features:

  • Physical movement introduced
    • Movement input should still feel very responsive
  • Movable Furniture have physics now
    • Level altered due to this change
    • Meshes optimized so they look good when flipped upside down
  • Particle Effects added
    • Gun blast & gun impact effects
    • Cartridges added
  • The dying player now has a spotlight too
  • On death, vibration added
  • Version number display
  • Round-Counter added
  • Intro-Skipping added
  • Guesswork-Logo added
  • Button-Mapping Screen added
  • Player Stats are now displayed in pause-menu
  • Player Stats display who has died
  • Keyboard Controls partially supported (for debugging)
  • Debugging Cheats added
  • Loading Screen added
  • Emission maps added
  • Custom cursor
  • Icon graphic added

Work in Progress

New Features:

  • New outlaw avatar.
    • He is holding my 1866 Winchester Levergun.
    • Thus far the character has an improved readability in which direction he is aiming and his tense action pose also indicates he is ready to pull the trigger anytime.
    • He is already rigged but I still got to do the animations… and maybe fix the unwrapping on the gun body.


A team composed of four Nordic Game Jammers.

  • Sound Designer: Alf
  • Artist: Jakob
  • Developer: Juri
  • Developer: Rasmus

Released On

My Contribution

► As Developer
  • Implemented game-mechanics
  • Implemented character-controller
  • Setup Animation-Controllers
  • Implemented UI-Logic
  • Build and deployed on itch

► As Designer
  • Aided to keep the vision
  • Helped define core and support game mechanics
  • Prototyped
  • Playtested
  • Collected feedback
  • Retextured models

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