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Mashed is a superb party game. It is like Micro Machines or other racers of the kind where you have a chance to collect weapons and shoot adversaries. The main feature is that all players share a screen and whenever one of them drives too far ahead that player automatically wins. Likewise, if a player falls too far behind, he is out. This feature guarantees short exciting rounds. The cars also have some vehicle mechanics and skilled drivers can force other players of the road.

In Metro: Last Light you are immersed in a post-apocalyptic world. The entire game is presented from the ego perspective and doesn’t even switch for cut scenes, which are in most cases quick time events. The whole setting is rich and realistic. After a nuclear clash, the remaining survivors hide out in underground stations. The surface is so contaminated, that you can only breathe with a gas mask, where the glass can fog up and shatter. The game mode “Ranger” doesn’t have a HUD at all, so the player must count bullets to survive.

Open Liero X
Open Liero X is the ultimate hot-seat game, in which siblings and friends can compete. Liero is a real-time version of Worms, the key difference is that each player only controls one worm. Skilled players learn to give a spin to their projectiles, while they fly around with their ninja ropes. The original download already comes with a bundle of weapon mods and many settings to tweak the game. The settings menu has a slider to show more options and features, ranging from basic to unstable.

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The first video games I remember playing

Lotus III
Lotus III (1992) is a racing game in which players have to refuel their car.

Warlords II
Warlords II (1993) is a fun turned-based hot-seat game with role-playing elements.

The Clue!
The Clue (1994) is a burglar adventure game.

One Must Fall 2097
One Must Fall 2097 (1994) is a fighting game, in which you need to repair and upgrade your robot.

Warcraft (1994) is a real-time strategy game.

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