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Crashed Captain

The player will struggle to keep a paralyzed captain alive and bring him safely from a damaged ship. The only means of getting him to the escape pods is by using centrifugal or gravitational force since the player controls the ship and not the captain. A tilt sensor and accelerometer are preferred input devices. A mobile resembles the defective ship, which is tumbling around. This gives the player a realistic feeling for the forces he is subjecting the captain to. The game is a competitive arcade marble game, which has some depth. The players are feeling sorry whenever they shoot the human ball across the map in order to save time.

  • Status: Alpha
  • Platform: Android Smartphone
  • Team size: 5
  • Position: Product Owner and Game Designer
  • Period: 2016/08 - 2016/08




Crashed Captain Intro/Menu/In-Game

My Contribution

► Game Designer/Product Owner

  • Generated game idea
  • Pitched game idea
  • Defined core and support game mechanics
  • Wrote game design document
  • Research to artificial gravity and rocket science
  • Wrote a background story
  • Wrote Dialogs
  • Playtested
  • Collected feedback

► As Artist/Developer

  • 2D Graphics for assets, menu and cockpit
  • 3D mars and sky box (Textures from Nasa)
  • Helped unwrap and texture walls
  • Designed icons and logos
  • Implementation asset and created colliders
  • Bug reports
  • Menu and intro

PIG (Political incorrect games)

Detailed Page

Political incorrect games, Inc. (Pig), also known as "political incorrect", "piggy games" or "oink oink you kinky pig", is a group of German game design students founded April 28, 2016.

  • Product Owner and Game Designer: Juri Knauth
  • Scrum Master and Artist: Leo Taylor Lüdemann
  • Lead Artist: Tom Pieper
  • Lead Programmer: Clemens Haesler
  • Lead Devs Ops Engineer and Programmer: Fabian Oyvin Kopp

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